<--break->Ghent University Distance Learning Platform in Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Risk Analysis is a continuous learning platform and a capacity building initiative with financial support of Ghent University (Belgium), VLIR-UOS (Belgium) and EU FP7 Veg-i-Trade project.

This platform is based on materials developed during different courses and international training programs provided by the Department of Food Safety and Food Quality of Ghent University in Belgium (http://www.foodscience.ugent.be/):

        - http://www.itpfoodsafety.ugent.be/index.asp

        - http://www.foodscience.ugent.be/LFMFP/Courses

        - http://www.foodscience.ugent.be/nutriFOODchem/Courses



<--break->- To increase knowledge and understanding of food safety among professionals;

- To build scientific capacities, and improve overall wellbeing;

- To reduce the differences in standards of food safety and quality between countries.


- <--break->A comprehensive range of courses, which can be studied exclusively online, or as individualized distance learning.

- Interested trainees could blend their e-learning experience with classroom, by applying to attend some of the modules provided in the International Training Program on Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Risk Analysis (http://www.itpfoodsafety.ugent.be/index.asp) organized by Ghent University in Belgium. For a restricted number of participants, some scholarships are foreseen. See website for more information (http://www.itpfoodsafety.ugent.be/index.asp?p=1020&a=1020).

- You do so at your own pace and convenience, wherever you are in the world -- all you need is an internet connection.

- This Learning Platform offers more than online information; it is an interactive source that provides global food science professionals with lectures, presentations, recorded class videos, and much more.